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Known bugs
« on: September 11, 2011, 09:39:28 AM »
Failure at launch (version 3.014 for Windows 32 bit)
We have many reports from users of PhotoAcute under Windows 32 bit about PhotoAcute failure at launch. Windows reports a missing dll problem, but in fact the problem is deeper.

Recently we had to switch to newer development tools in order to support new OSes. Sadly, that leaded to problems under Windows 32 bit on many PCs. While we are in process of resolving that, we recommend using the version 3.013:

(Or if you by some reason use 32 bit version under 64 bit Windows - you should switch to 64 bit version).

Crash and 'Unknown error while loading an image to the scratch' (version 3.011 for Mac OS and Windows 64 bit)
There is a problem in current version with loading DNG files when 'Use Adobe DNG Converter for RAW images' is switched on in Settings.
As a workaround, please just turn this setting off when working with DNG images.
UPD: Fixed in version 3.012

Patterns in output images
This problem is fixed for most of input RAW formats, but persists for ORF images.
If you see patterns like the one below with any other RAW format, please let us know (post here or email
As a workaround, you can convert ORF to DNG using Adobe DNG Converter (use options 'linearize image' and 'no compression') and load DNGs in PhotoAcute.

Crash when opening DNG files produced by LightRoom 4

Crash when processing under Mac OSX 10.7
If you engage this problem, please download and install the version with no OpenMP optimizations (slower but stable):

Crash at application startup under Windows XP 32
If you engage this problem, please:
- Let us know the full path to the folder where PhotoAcute3 is installed
- Collect and send us a crash report generated by Windows (if any)
- Send us the file 'phapp.log' from PhotoAcute3 folder and 'profiles.txt' from 'profiles' subfolder (if exists)
You can either post this information in this forum or send it to

Version 3.001 (these bugs are fixed in v 3.002):

Enormous chromatic aberrations
In fact, it just looks like chromatic aberrations, while it is a glitch of de-bayerization.
It will be fixed in the next version.

Patterns in output images
Bayer-like patterns, sometimes perceived as noise.
This is an artefact of improper conversion of certain RAW formats, it will be fixed soon.

Blurry results when processing TIFF files
We are working on this problem.

Version 3.00 (these bugs are fixed in v 3.001):

Help does not work
(Error reading collection file 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Photoacute3\photoacute3.qhc': Cannot load sqlite database driver!)

Only RAW profiles available
No profiles consumer/prosumer/mobile available.
Go to Settings/Advanced
Disable the 'Use RAW profiles for 16/32 bit images' option
Click Ok
Restart PhotoAcute

Windows 64 bit version is installed to 32-bit program files folder
By default, PhotoAcute version for Windows 64 bit is installed to 'Program files (x86)'.
This is a bug of the installer, it will be fixed.
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