23 Jan 2007

PhotoAcute Studio 2.10 to produce high-quality still frames from video

PhotoAcute Studio, the cutting edge software product for enhancing digital photos quality now allows to get high quality still frames from digital video. It uses several consecutive frames to create high-resolution and low-noise picture that is much better than the single frame.

Still frame enhancing example Imagine you have recorded an interesting moment or a beautiful view with your camcorder. Whether you want to keep it as a photo, send it to someone or publish on the web page you will desire to have the image of better quality than camcorders can provide. Furthermore, if you decide to print the still frame, it is necessary to have an image with high resolution and low noise. PhotoAcute Studio is a perfect solution in such cases.

The extraction of high quality images from video is also very useful for professional publishers and news agencies. Sometimes an image is needed for publishing while only the video recording of a certain event is available. In such cases, the quality of the still frame is essential. Instead of performing time-consuming and high-skill image edition procedures, PhotoAcute Studio offers fast, automatic functionality, giving the better result.

For achieving the highest possible quality of still frame on a particular camcorder model, Almalence Inc. offers custom calibration procedure. A recording of a special test chart is processed by Almalence engineers and a PhotoAcute Studio profile tuned for this particular camera is created.

When converting the sequence of video frames into a single picture, PhotoAcute Studio improves all major image quality factors. The image enhancing features at a glance are:

  • Spatial resolution increase
  • Noise reduction without losing image details
  • Dynamic range expansion
  • Geometry distortions and vignetting correction
  • Chromatic aberrations correction

    PhotoAcute Studio has a simple and intuitive interface and is quite easy to use. PhotoAcute Studio is Windows based application. The version for Macintosh is to be released in 2007Q2.

    Detailed description of PhotoAcute Studio features, online help and examples gallery are available at http://www.photoacute.com

    PhotoAcute Studio 2.10 is available for free in trial mode. The video processing features are included in the Standard license, which cost $49.

    PhotoAcute Studio 2.10 can be downloaded at: http://www.photoacute.com/studio/download.html

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    Still frame enhancing example