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Contribute to PhotoAcute Studio development by making sets of sample photographs with your camera/lens and get free PhotoAcute Studio license!
(Note: this offer does not cover camcorders and "special" lenses like Tilt-Shift lenses, MPE lenses. You can still contact us via this form to get the information about profiling special lenses and camcorders.)

Sample photographs are made by snapping special picture viewed on your display. To make the sample photographs, you should have flat LCD/TFT display with at least 1024x768 resolution.

Important: super resolution is intended to be used for RAW images. It works for JPEG images also, but the results are inferior to RAW. We create profiles for RAW images processing only.

To apply for profile creation:

1. Check the instruction on how to take sample images

2. Sumbit the form below:

Camera model (required) :

Lens (for cameras with interchangeable lens) :

E-mail (required) :

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