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Tank (Nokia 3650, example made by PhotoAcute Team)

This is a photo of Russian T62 tank.

Below you can see the demonstrations of results of PhotoAcute geometry correction algorithms and resolution/quality improvement algorithms.
          Photo (thumbnail)

Geometry correction
This animation demonstrates the result of PhotoAcute geometry correction algorithm.
Note that the tank's gun is curved on the standard photo.
(the photo quality is low because of GIF compression)
Geometry correction example

Resolution/quality improvement
Below you can compare fragments of four variants of this photo:
* A standard photo, zoomed to 200%
* The same standard photo, zoomed bicubically in Photoshop
* The photo, made by PhotoAcute from a single snapshot
* The photo, merged by PhotoAcute from four snapshots

Full photos available by links below

Big fragments

Small fragments

Full images:
Standard photo
PhotoAcute photo, zoomed from single snapshot
PhotoAcute photo, merged from four snapshots

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