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Technology licensing

All technologies used in PhotoAcute applications and other technologies developed by Almalence, Inc. are available for licensing as binary-form SDKs and as source code as well.

With the technologies licensed from us, you will be able to use the following functionality in your software:
  • Spatial resolution increase
  • Image registration with sub-pixel precision and compensation for geometry distortions.
  • Dynamic range expansion by staking differently exposed images
  • Depth of field expansion by stacking differently focused images
  • Removing unneeded moving objects from a set of images
  • Fixing oversharpening artefacts after any image processing
  • Automatic correction of chromatic aberrations
  • Correction of image geometry distortions
  • ...and more (check technologies description on Almalence, Inc. site)

    We propose very flexible licensing terms suitable for a wide range of applications - from custom in-house software to end-user products marketed worldwide.

    For licensing inquiry, please fill the form on our corporate site - click here.

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