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Taking pictures
To achieve better resolution and sharpness, PhotoAcute takes several images to produce one photograph. Taking all the pictures may require a few seconds. The scene should not move during this time. PhotoAcute is best used for snapping static scenes. When photographing people, ask them to "say cheese" and freeze for a moment. If there was a motion in the scene while the pictures were taken, you will still get a large photograph from the first snapped image, with corrected geometry and brightness, enlarged with advanced zoom algorithm to 4x larger size.

Press the Joystick of your smartphone to start.
While the application is taking the photographs, you are prompted to hold the camera. The progress is indicated for your convenience. When all the pictures are taken, you are notified immediately.

Processing the photographs
Unlike the usual camera applications, you do not get the ready photograph right away. In PhotoAcute the photographs must be processed to get the final picture. You may think of it as of photograph development in a conventional film camera. The images are stored on Memory Card. You can process them immediately, or hold them for later, to process them when it is most convenient for you.

Select one or more photographs in the list and choose "Process" from Options menu.
You can change the processing options each time before processing photographs.

After processing, the resultant photograph is placed into the standard Photo Album / Media Gallery of your smartphone. You can transfer them to a PC, send as an MMS, use as the wallpaper, etc.

For the detailed usage description please refer to the PhotoAcute Mobile Users Guide
If you have any questions please consult FAQ or contact PhotoAcute Support.
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