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Frequently Asked Questions about PhotoAcute Studio

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Usage and Features
Is it possible to use PhotoAcute super-resolution feature with tripod-mounted shots?
Usually, even when using a tripod, there are small displacements (for example, due to the shutter shake), sometimes less than a pixel, which are enough for super-resolution processing.
It is recommended though to make small displacement of the tripod inbetween shots.
What ISO should I use when taking photos for super-resolution processing?
When taking pictures without a tripod, it is recommended to use ISO 400 or higher. High ISO will lead to shorter exposures, reducing the shaking blur, while the noise introduced by high ISO level will be reduced when merging the pictures.
When using a good tripod, you can use low ISO levels to reduce noise and sometimes even increase the contrast and detail.
Why can't I just take one image, copy it several times and process?
If you copy an image several times - the whole set of images will contain the same graphic information that a single image contains. The principle of super-resolution is to get extra graphic information from a set of images - it is possible if the images are not exactly pixel-to-pixel coincident (if you are taking pictures using a tripod, usually there are sub-pixel displacements between shots due to shutter shake - and this is enough).
Cameras and lenses support
General information about cameras and lenses support
PhotoAcute Studio super-resolution feature is tuned to particular camera/lens combinations to achieve the maximum quality. The application uses the sets of camera/lens data called "profiles" for super-resolution processing and geometry correction.
This does not mean that the application does not allow processing of images taken with the camera/lens that is not in "supported" list. This means that the best results are achieved when processing the images taken with "supported" camera/lens combinations.
Can I use PhotoAcute Studio for the images taken with the camera/lens that are not in the "supported" list?
Some of PhotoAcute Studio features are absolutely camera independent. These are: precise image alignment and merging, noise reduction, chromatic aberrations correction, dynamic range expansion and depth of field expansion.
Superresolution processing is camera-dependent, but when there is no profile for specific camera/lens, it is possible to use the profiles designed for other cameras (just select the desired profile in Settings->Camera). Usually it is possible to find a profile that gives good results for "unsupported" camera/lens combination. However, you should remember that using foreign profile will not give the maximum of possible quality improvement, and can lead to artefacts appearance in resultant images.

Click here to see an example of PhotoAcute Studio superresolution feature usage for an "unsupported" camera.
Click here to read the review by Uwe Steinmueller on Digital Outback Photo with the results of superresolution processing of the images taken with "unsupported" camera.
Are new camera/lens profiles added to PhotoAcute Studio?
Yes, we add new profiles on regular basis.
How do I know when the profile for specific camera/lens is available?
The simplest way to get informed when the particular camera/lens support is added is to subscribe to the news about camera/lens of interest.
Can I help in new profiles creation?
Yes. We usually create new profiles using the special sample photos taken by our users. Those who help us in new profiles creation are granted with free PhotoAcute Studio licenses.
Click here for more details and the application form.
Where can I find a complete list of supported camera/lens combinations?
The list is available on the download page.
Can you recommend which profile to use if there is no profile for my camera/lens?
Sadly, we cannot recommend particular profile for substitution, because the results of using any profile, which is not designed for particular camera/lens combination, may vary depending on shooting conditions and parameters.
Hint: if you wish to try several profiles you can use "quick super-resolution" feature to save the time. After selecting desired profile in Settings->Camera you can right-click on the image to have small area of the image processed with the selected profile (you should set view zoom to 100% or more for this feature to work).
Purchasing and Registration
Is purchasing online secure?
Yes. Online purchasing is provided by Plimus Corporation, Inc, one of the most trusted names in e-commerce. You can be sure that the information you supply during the purchase will not be used for any purpose other than what is required to perform the registration service.
You can read more about RegNow privacy policy at: http://www.regnow.com/privacy.html
Do you offer money-back guarantee?
Yes. When purchasing PhotoAcute software, you have 30-day no-questions full money-back guarantee.
What is the "Extended Download Service" added to the order?
The "Extended Download Service" is an optional service added to the order by RegNow. Since PhotoAcute Studio is always freely available for download from our site, you do not need this service. You can easily REMOVE it by checking "Remove" box and clicking "Update" on the billing page.
When will I receive the registration code?
The registration codes are generated automatically. You will receive the code immediately when your order is processed.
When purchasing the license upgrade (from Standard to Professional license) the order is processed manually by our team so you will have to wait for the registration code up to 48 hours.
What are the limitations of trial mode?
The only limitation of the trial mode is a stamp placed in the resulting images when you save them.
Can you give more details about different licenses?
When no license is applied (no registration codes entered), the program works in trial mode and provides all image processing features and all camera profiles.
When registered with the "Standard" license, the program allows 8 bit images processing and provides the following profiles:
  • JPEG profiles for SLR-like and compact cameras,
  • Profiles for camcorders and other video streams.

  • When registered with the "Professional" license, the program provides all the features and profiles available with the "Standard" license, plus:
  • Processing of 16-bit images and saving up to 32-bit images,
  • RAW and JPEG profiles for DSLR cameras,
  • RAW profiles for SLR-like cameras.

  • When registered with the "Portable" license, the program allows 8 bit images processing and provides the profiles for mobile camera phones.

    Once you have registered with a certain license, you can still use the features/profiles, which are not available with this license, in trial mode. (see "Can I use the features that are not available with my current license?" For more details)
    Do I need to purchase new license for each camera model?
    No. Each license works for any camera of a certain type (see "more details about different licenses").
    Can I use the features that are not available with my current license?
    Yes, you can use these features in trial mode. To switch the application to Trial mode: in Settings->Registration click "Trial/Reg" button. You will need to restart the application then. You can switch back to registered mode any time by clicking the same button (you will not need to enter the registration information again).
    Will my registration codes work for future versions of PhotoAcute Studio? Do you provide free upgrades?
    Our current policy is to offer free upgrades to our customers.
    This policy may change when we release a version with essentially new features, but in this case we will offer considerable discounts for registered users.
    Do you offer academic/educational prices?
    No, we do not offer academic/educational prices, but we offer free licenses for helping us in camera/lens profiles creation (click here for more information).
    Is there an alternative way of buying PhotoAcute Studio?
    Now there is no alternative ways of buying PhotoAcute Studio other then using RegNow. If you have any problems or concerns with using RegNow - please contact our support and we will find a solution.
    How do I register?
    Upon the receipt of the registration code(s), you should launch PhotoAcute Studio, click Settings, then click Registration and copy-paste the registration information into the registration form.
    I have received two registration codes. Should I use both codes for registration?
    Yes. You should first perform registration with one code and then with the other code (in any order).
    Why do I receive two codes when purchasing Professional license?
    This is a peculiarity of the protection system. The second code in fact gives the "Standard" license features and the first code completes it to the "Professional" license.

    The first code switches the program to the full mode for processing the following types of images:
  • RAW and 16 bit images
  • JPEG images taken by DSLR cameras

  • The other code does the same for:
  • JPEG images taken with SLR-like and compact cameras
  • Video frames
  • I am trying to register, but the program says "key is invalid".
    Please check if you enter the registration information exactly as it is provided in the order information. For example, if your name was written starting with the lowercase letter - it should be entered the same way in the registration form. We strongly recommend not to enter the registration information, but to copy-paste it into the registration form.
    I have lost my registration information. Can you help?
    Please contact our support to restore your registration information. You will need to provide some information to identify your order (for example, the order ID or the email address used for purchasing).
    I cannot load RAW files into PhotoAcute.
    General information: PhotoAcute reads only linear non-compressed DNG files itself. Other RAW files are automatically converter with Adobe DNG Converter before loading.

    If you have problems loading RAW images into PhotoAcute, check the following:
  • Is Adobe DNG Converter installed?
  • Is the path to Adobe DNG Converter properly specified in Settings->General->Location of Adobe DNG Converter?
  • What version of Adobe DNG Converter is installed? Is it recommended to use the latest version (available here: http://www.adobe.com/products/dng/).

  • Also, you can try converting the images by Adobe DNG Converter manually (it is quite easy as this program works in batch mode) and then loading the images into PhotoAcute. When converting the images to DNG, you should use "linearize image" and "no compression" options.
    The program displays "cannot create scratch" message when started.
    On Windows: check if there is enough free space (2-3 GB) on the scratch drive, specified in Settings->General->Scratch drive. Also, try changing the scratch drive setting.
    On Mac: check if the scratch folder, specified in Settings->General->Scratch folder exists, is available for writing, and there is enough free space (2-3 GB) on the drive where this folder is located.
    I have downloaded the application, but it does not install.
    I have installed the application, but cannot launch it.
    When I launch the application, it shows a message "no camera modules found" and exits.
    All these problems appear sometimes when the installation package has been downloaded incompletely. You should download it again.

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